We don’t travel far but we see much.


😎 My fall back Sunday

  Waffle House only on Sundays because it is too darn cold! Even the waitresses have to wear sweaters! 

Confab..with the boss. He thinks. ☺

A selfie? At our age? But we have no picture of the 3 of us…so….a selfie will suffice😊

Fried taters with paprika and chives

Broken yolk…but it’s for me so it’s okay. 

Hot habanero cheese and aged sharp cheddar on yesterdays goulash should be frugal….and good!

Not bad. Could have used more salt.

Tired maybe? He fixed the flapper on the John, checked my car ebgine oil and added washer to my wipers…he’s a good son..

Relaxed for sure…